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Spread Holiday Cheer This Year!

Why We Want To Help You Make the Perfect Holiday Card

Every year is a new struggle to figure out what to do for Christmas cards. You can always buy the pre-made ones at Walmart, of course. But, maybe this year you are looking to do something a little more special. However, life gets in the way, and there never seems to be enough time. Do not worry – we are here for you! Below are three ideas for super quick homemade holiday cards that everyone will love! All you need are a few packs of our 1/2 or 3/4 inch dots in various colors. Check out the ideas below to rock the socks off of this holiday season.

Idea 1: Christmas Tree

This design is a super simple idea, something even your children can help you do! Start with a pack of our small green labels (of which you get 1000 stickers for less than $6). Then, with a piece of card stock paper, start by laying six dots towards the bottom. Make sure to leave room for one more row of dots under this layer! After, add five dots on top of the six, and so on, until you get to one dot at the top and it has made a triangle shape. At the bottom of the triangle shape, place 1 square brown sticker in the center. This sticker acts as the trunk of the tree. Finally, add a small gold star to the top of the tree, and you have yourself a gorgeous little Christmas tree! To make this card even better, make sure to write a little blurb about how you and your family are doing. People love to catch up around the holidays. Add a recent picture in, and that extended family you haven’t been able to see in a while will be ecstatic! These Christmas cards can help bring your family together, even if you have to be apart for the holidays.

Idea 2: String Lights

All you need for this card is a piece of card stock paper, a thin permanent marker, and our primary-colored dot sticker pack. Across the front of the paper, draw a line with a few loops in it. Then at various points in the line, draw small squiggles like backward threes with extra humps. Then, add a different color sticker to every squiggle. Now you have a string of lights across the front of the page! This card is festive and so easy that anyone can do it in 5 minutes or less! Like before, if you add in a cute message and some pictures, your family will adore it! Check out below to see different fun holiday messages that you can add to the front of this card to spice it up even more!

Idea 3: Christmas Present

To make this card, you need a few different materials from the past two card ideas. You need colored card stock, ribbon, glue, scissors, and a holiday gift tag sticker. For this card, all you need to do is make a cross across the front of the colored card stock and glue it down. Cut the excess of the ribbon. Then, place any holiday gift card on the front. The best part about this card is it is super simple to make, and the holiday tag you choose spices it up perfectly. Make sure to address the gift tag as if it is an actual present!

Why Send Holiday Cards?

These cards are the perfect way to send out holiday cheer even if you don’t have too much time. We have a huge selection of Christmas and holiday stickers are instocklabels.com. Receiving holiday cards is a huge part of the holiday season, and lots of people use them to keep in contact with people that you might not get to see super often. These cards will make people’s days, and they will enjoy them for the entirety of the season.

Greetings For Your Holiday Card

Now that you have an idea of how you want to design your holiday card, it is crucial to add greetings! Luckily, to help get your creative juices flowing, Personalization Mall has a great article with 101 Holiday Card Messages & Christmas Card Sayings for 2021. Be sure to add personal notes well!

Who We Are at InStockLabels.com

InStockLabels.com is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. If you are on a time crunch, these labels will work out great as all orders purchased before 1 PM MST (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) ship out the same day. Then it only takes a few days for them to get to you (depending on how far you are).

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a sample of these labels to make sure they fit your needs. We also make custom labels if you can not find the perfect sticker for what you need. These wrapping techniques will be the talk of the party! If you are looking for some fun gift ideas, be sure to check out our What to get somebody that doesn’t want anything blog.

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