Organize and Enjoy All Summer Long!

The Start of The Perfect Summer

Summer is coming. For most, that would be considered the best sentence in the world. For some, that sentence indicates one thing, the children are out of school. Summer means there are camps to book, activities to scrounge up, and ideas to organize before you hear the high-pitched squeal of the words, “I’M BOOOOORED” come out of their angelic mouths. Keeping the house organized while kids are home is a feat for every parent. Our stickers can help. As soon as the house is organized, you can focus on having fun with the kids, and making the most out of your summer.

Tip #1

Often kids are so excited to get to the next activity that they have neither the patience nor focus to find things like sunscreen, water, and towels. All of a sudden, you’ll be at the pool with a dripping wet kid and a fabric upholstered backseat. A great way to avoid this scene is to put all three of these items in bins and label them with different colored dot stickers. That way when you’re about to go to the pool, you can ask them if they grabbed each item. If they say, “I don’t know where they are”, you can point out the bin with a blue label or the bin with a red label and tell them to grab it before you go. This labeling system makes it easier for the kids to find the items they need to have an enjoyable summer day, and you never have to hear the words, “I couldn’t find it” again.

Tip #2

Another way to avoid boredom for the kids is to have them plan out their day the night before. Get a planner that has lines by the hour for them to fill out. Make a key and label each dot sticker color with a different category of activity. These can be something like yellow – contributions to the family/chores, green – electronics, red – relaxation time, blue – exercise, and purple – family time. Once the kids have a category laid out for them, they can fill in what activity they want to do next to the sticker. This method helps narrow down the type of activities the kids should be doing and when they should do each thing, so the next time they ask you for something to do, you can point them to their calendar!

Tip #3


Color code your kids! Let each of them pick out a different color sticker and use that on your calendar to indicate who has which activity each day. You no longer have to write out the kids’ names every time you put something on the calendar, and everyone can easily see who has an activity that day. You’ll never miss a camp or playdate again!

Tip #4

Similar to tip #2, you can make an idea jar! Make a key of each category the activities are in and put a dot sticker on the end of Popsicle sticks Then, when the kids pick out a stick, have a list of activities that the family came up with for each category. Read off an activity from the list of whichever category corresponds with the stick. That way, whenever the kids can’t think of something to do, you can pull out the idea jar, and they can choose that way!

Tip #5

Make a reward chart! Have smiley face stickers to put next to each kid’s name. When they do something kind or thoughtful, give them a happy face sticker! When they collect a certain amount, give them some sort of small reward for being kind to those around them. This reward doesn’t have to be anything huge, it could even be something like making sundaes at home or having a tie-dye day! Another fun reward could be letting your child pick your outfit for a day. You could do stages of rewards as well, where the first one is really small, and each one gradually gets bigger throughout the summer. If they are good and thoughtful 30 times over the summer, maybe, they could earn a trip to the amusement park or a pool party with ice cream and pizza! Giving kids a goal throughout the summer helps teach them to always be kind and to listen to their parents.

Tip #6

Pack away your winter things! But don’t let them get lost. Make sure to grab a pack of our rectangle stickers to label each of your bins. That way, when. The first snowfall hits the next year, you won’t be scrambling to find your kid’s gloves as they sprint out the door. Our rectangle labels are the perfect way to label these boxes because they are big and bright and stand out against any background.

Tip #7

Prepare for all your road trips by having a fun bag ready to go. In the bag should be toys and games that don’t cause a mess while you’re driving. Our stickers could be a great addition to this bag. Use our blank dissolvable labels for something the kids can draw on, then let them place it on the windows of the car! They can feel pride in decorating the car, and you can wash it off later with just a little bit of water! They come completely off and don’t leave any residue, they are the perfect temporary sticker.

Tip #8

Summer is all about fun and games, but you don’t want your kids to lose all that knowledge they learned in the last school year! Make a reading challenge for your kids. Each time your kid reads a book, they can put a sticker on the chart. At the end of the summer, count up all the books they read and take them out to ice cream or some fun afternoon at a beach! The kids will retain a lot of what they learned because they will keep their brains working. You can also have them make their bookmarks! Have them cut out shapes in pieces of card stock paper and then decorate with stickers and crayons. It will be a super fun activity for the kids, and it will make them more inclined to read so they can use their new bookmark!

Tip #9

Make a dinner jar for those nights you don’t have time to plan. Have your family sit down one night and name all the dinners they want to eat. Categorize each meal by the meat you want to use and give each meat a different color sticker on a popsicle stick. Then on the same stick write the meal. When it comes time to pick a meal, choose your meat and pick out a stick with the corresponding color. Then you don’t have to come up with a new meal! And you know it is something your family wants to eat because they came up with the idea in the first place!

Tip #10

All of this is for the kids, but it’s important to have your time as well! Make a key on the door of your room to say whether you can be bothered or if you need some time alone. That way the kids can look at the sticker you put up and know not to bother you unless it’s an emergency. It is a good thing to take a break every once in a while to make sure you get the time you need to relax! Set the kids up with an activity and put a large red sticker on your door!

All of these tips can help you have a perfect stress-free summer! Here at, we find there aren’t too many things that can’t be better organized with stickers! We also have a great pack for if you are moving houses! Check out our moving article to see how you can best use these labels to keep your stuff organized even when being packed.

Who We Are at is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. If you are on a time crunch, these labels will work great as all orders purchased before 1 PM MST (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) ship out the same day. Then it only takes a few days for them to get to you (depending on how far you are).

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a sample of these labels to make sure they fit your needs. We also make custom labels if you can not find the perfect sticker for what you need.

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