Tamper Resistant Security Labels

Keep Your Warehouse Safe & in Compliance

Tamper resistant security labels are used for many retail purposes. We have several types of security label stickers to choose from below. The basic idea behind these are that the some security label stickers that are holographic and very easy to see when moved around, as they have a reflection/shine to them. These say "Tamper Resistant" We also have some that are made of a clear BOPP material with writing that says "Tamper Evident". Then we have some that are just clear with no words on them. These tamper resistant security labels do tear when messed with and will show an obvious break in the label.

It really depends on what you are applying them to and the importance of the product. For example, we suggest the hologram tamper labels for things such as electronics. This would be laptops, headphones and more expensive devices. Something small like makeup cosmetics might have a blank clear security sticker. This way it does not take from the visual presence of the product itself. Quantity discounts are offered automatically at checkout with no code needed.

Security Labels