Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who “Don’t Want Anything”

How We Want to Help You Find the Perfect Gift

The holiday season is around the corner! Now is the time to start thinking about the gifts you want to get your loved ones. What do you get for someone who doesn’t want anything? It can be stressful trying to think of something. Here at, we want to help you avoid holiday stress as much as possible. Below are tons of ideas that you can get that person in your life who says they don’t want anything. Go into this holiday season with a plan, and make your loved ones smile.

1. Plan a Trip

Planning a trip can be stressful and annoying. One of the best gifts you can give someone is a pre-planned vacation! Get a piece of cardstock paper and write a bullet journal of all the different ideas for the trip. Plan out an itinerary that you know they will enjoy. Leave the dates of the trip open – so you can choose which dates fit best for both of your schedules. You don’t need to book any of the excursions yet, but have the plan in place. If you want to spend some money on the person, add an Airbnb, hotel stay, or flight to the present. The person you are giving the gift to may not want anything, but a life experience isn’t an item or thing. The trip doesn’t have to be big, just the fact that you are thinking of them and planning out something that they will enjoy will be present enough. That means you can even plan a day trip around your town. Add in little things you know they will appreciate, like a trip to their favorite ice cream shop or bookstore. That way, if you don’t have much money, you can still get them a sweet present that shows how much you care and think about them. Planning this trip shows you know exactly what they like doing, which is a great way to show someone you care. And they can’t get mad at you for getting them something, because it’s not a thing! Just life experiences and memories they can have forever.

To make this look more gifty, you should grab some of our stickers and design a fun card to give them, explaining the points of the trip. Or, get them a little knick-knack of the landmark where you’re going. Wrap it up for them to open. We have a great blog post to explain fun ways to wrap presents because this year, we are all about making sure you have the least amount of stress for the holiday season. Remember to stick one of our holiday gift tag labels on, because really, that’s all the spice you need when it comes to wrapping a present.

2. A Box Of Nothing

Does your friend keep saying they don’t want anything? Fine! Get them a box of nothing. You can buy these boxes all over the internet. They are hilarious! Your friends will open it and have a chuckle as they see the box is empty, and you truly did get them nothing. They can’t be mad about that! But, to get the gag going, you should make sure to wrap this box extra nicely. That way, when they open it and see there’s a box of nothing inside a super nicely wrapped present, it will be all the funnier. Hopefully, then they’ll never say they want nothing again.

Make sure to check out our blog post on wrapping presents to wrap this present perfectly. We have a range of funny holiday gift tag stickers that could go with this kind of present. These tags include stickers saying, “don’t get your hopes up,” which is perfect for this scenario. Overall, this gift will give your friend a laugh and make sure that you’re complying with their wish that you get them nothing.

3. Spa Day

Like we said before, we’re doing everything in our power to make sure your holidays this year are stress-free. Who wouldn’t want that? That’s why our third suggestion has to be to plan a spa day for your pals. You can do an at-home spa day, or you can buy a gift certificate for your friend’s favorite spa. Either way, make sure to dress up this present with fun designs and stickers. Just make a bullet journal-like card, and put all your ideas for how to make this spa day perfect. Your friend will appreciate how much thought you put into it. Similar to the trip planning idea, it’s a way for them to relax without actually receiving a thing, but an experience. If you decide to do an at-home spa day, some ideas are pedicures and manicures, facials, waxing, hair styling, foot rubs, and head massages. All of these are easy to do and will help relax your friend. It is a great gift for people who say they don’t want anything.

There are tons of places to buy fun and new kinds of facial masks online. You could buy one of those and write a card out explaining your idea for their present. On the face masks, be sure to put one of our holiday gift tag stickers to spice up the present and let your friend know there’s something good on the way for them. We also have tons of stickers so you can design the card in a multimedia way and make it stand out against any other present they might get this year.

4. Learn Together

It is never too late to learn something new, and learning something with friends is even more fun than learning alone. If you’re a little bit strapped for cash but want to get something special for your friend, we suggest finding an online class that you guys can take together. Harvard University does a cool thing where they offer free classes online. Write out a syllabus for yourself and go through the self-guided class together. This idea gives you quality time to spend with your friend, and you both get to learn something new. Pick up something that you think your friend will be interested in. They have all sorts of different classes such as language classes, business classes, computer classes, and more.

A lot of towns offer classes in their weekly newsletter as well. These are classes like cooking, creative writing, and even things like video games. Take a look in your local newspaper and see if there are any classes of interest. Most of the time, the classes are not that expensive. Sign up your friend and you as a present. Sometimes they even offer exercise classes like yoga or pilates. Classes often last anywhere from four to six weeks, which is a great amount of time to see if you enjoy the experience. If you do enjoy it, then you can sign up again when the class ends, or sign up for new classes that seem interesting. These classes could be a new activity that you and your friends do together! Plus, you are supporting local people from your town!

Gift them a book that represents the idea of the class you’re going to take together and wrap it using one of our fancy wrapping techniques. Then, put a holiday gift tag sticker on it and call it a day! It is an easy way to find a fun present for someone who doesn’t want anything. Knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give. And, you can say you took a class at Harvard University or support your local businesses and people! How cool is that? Learning something new will bring you closer together, and who knows, maybe you’ll keep taking classes!

5. Paint and Wine Night

There are places all over the country that have paint and wine nights. These are super fun classes to take with friends. They teach you how to paint a scene, and you get to drink wine. The classes are generally not too expensive, and you can give them a gift certificate so they can go whenever it works for them. If you have an artsy friend, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to get them. Supplies can be very intimate, and people have tons of different methods when choosing what they want. So, with a gift like this, they get to explore their artistic side, hang out with friends, and drink a little wine, which is the perfect gift.

With this gift certificate, give them one of those coloring books for adults. Those coloring books are so much fun and provide a great way for relaxation. Wrap up the coloring book and even add some colored pencils and watch how happy your friend is when they get the gift certificate, colored pencils, and coloring book. They may have said they didn’t want anything, but you’ll see from their face how excited they are to get this present.

6. Adrenaline Junkie's Present of the Year

Do you have a friend that lives off of adrenaline? Then you know, the best present you could get them is an experience. Look for local skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, spelunking, or mountain biking companies. You can get a gift certificate to any of these, and your friend would love the adrenaline rush. You could even get them passes to their favorite ski or snowboarding mountain. Any of these would make an adrenaline junkie smile from ear to ear.

A funny gift to give your adrenaline junkie friend along with this gift certificate would be a box of Band-Aids. Wrap them up nicely and add one of our holiday gift tag stickers to the box to show it’s a serious present. When they open it and see the Band-Aids and the gift certificate you got them, they will laugh. So now, you got them gnarly experience and a good laugh. Talk about a stress-free holiday!

Why These Gifts are Great

Overall, when people say that they don’t want anything for Christmas/the holidays, that doesn’t mean you have to give up. We think experience is the best present you could give someone. All of these ideas are fun and perfect for certain people. Make sure to pick out the right one for the right person, and you will have a stress-free holiday season in no time. Plus, each idea offers a varying amount of how much you have to spend. They also allow you to experience the present with them and have quality time with your friend, family, or loved one. Adding small presents to gift them, so they have something to open under the tree is always a great idea. Check out our wrapping blog to see fun ideas on how to wrap up these presents. Don’t forget to add a holiday gift tag sticker to spice up the present, so when they look at it, they will be excited to open it. Even if they said they didn’t want anything.

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