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Marketing and Sales

You never know how much product you need to make it through the season. Putting products on sale helps move inventory and draws people into your store. There are multiple marketing efforts associated with coupons, promo codes, and discounts in general. In general, however, the main goal is to bring customers away from other stores and into your own. We can help you there! With our bright sale stickers, customers will be able to see that you’re having a sale even from far away. 


Psychology Behind Sales

If you are discounting something and the percent discount is larger than the dollar-off discount, it is better to show that price. If you discount something that is $10 by 25% that is $2.50 off. However, to consumers, 25% off looks better than saying $2.50 off. When you get into larger price ranges though, say $2,000, $500 off looks a whole lot better than 25% off. Keep this in mind when you look into discounts for your store and merchandise!

Sales Timing

Make sure to go on sale at the right time as well. Often, holiday weekends are the most popular time to give a sale. However, if your sale is well advertised, you can pretty much give a sale anytime. Doing a sale not during a holiday is a strategic approach as well, as there will be way less competition. People won’t be expecting it, however, so the marketing for the sale must be extensive. A lot of stores tend to do annual and semi-annual sales. Sales like this help customers anticipate them and move your inventory so you can make room for the next season.

Why Have a Sale?

50 Percent Off Labels 1.5"

Having a sale often makes customers feel like they can trust you more, and they create more happiness surrounding your brand. It is a great way to build up a customer base. There are all sorts of different sales you can do. Some of the most popular are BOGO (buy one get one free sale), percent off sales, free shipping, and gifts with purchase. But, feel free to expand on it! There are all sorts of fun sales you can experiment with to find the most popular one with your customer base. 

What to Remember When Having a Sale

When having a sale, there is a lot to look at. The first step to a successful sale is having a goal in mind. How much money are you trying to make? Or are you trying to receive a larger customer base? If so, how many customers are you trying to gain? Figuring out these numbers helps put a perspective on how much of a sale you should do. Don’t forget about restrictions on the coupons. Some restrictions could be “one per customer”, “first purchase only”, or “over a certain amount”. All of these give plenty of wiggle room for the customer to feel happy with the sale, and if said upfront they help the customer understand the sale, and what they can expect from it. 

Sale Analytics

After a sale, always, always, always analyze the results. If you have a sale and don’t look at the results, then you won’t know what is working and what isn’t. A lot of the time, doing multiple different sales and comparing them against each other is the best strategy. You can see which sale works the best with your customers and mirror it again in the future. 

How We Can Help

No matter what kind of sale you are having, we have the perfect stickers for you. Our stickers use a permanent adhesive, but they are completely apparel-safe. When you remove the label it will come off easily and not leave any sticky goo behind. Overall, your clothes are safe with them! Even with this apparel-safe adhesive the stickers will stay stuck until you want to remove them. The fluorescent labels make it easy to see the different merchandise going on sale. You can even customize some of our labels to make them work perfectly for your company and the sale you are having. We also have tons of product videos to show you exactly how our products work.


Who We Are at InStockLabels.com

InStockLabels.com is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. If you are on a time crunch, these labels will work great as all orders purchased before 1 PM MST (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) ship out the same day. Then it only takes a few days for them to get to you (depending on how far you are).

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a sample of these labels to make sure they fit your needs. We also make custom labels if you can not find the perfect sticker for what you need.

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