Tips on How To Learn an Instrument

Tips on How To Learn an Instrument

Learn to Play an Instrument

Learning to plan an instrument is extremely beneficial. The benefits range from learning patience, responsibility, enhanced coordination and improving reading skills to things like gaining self confidence, pursuing self expression, and exposing new cultures to children and adults alike. It also promotes accelerated brain development. That being said, learning an instrument can be hard! People can often feel overwhelmed. There are tactics to make learning an instrument easier. Find some of the best tips and tricks below!

Be Patient

No matter how many tips and tricks you use, learning a new instrument will take a lot of practice and patience. If you expect to learn the instrument in a day, you’ll be disappointed (unless you’re a prodigy, in which case, what are you doing here??) If you feel frustrated it is always okay to take a break. Just set time aside each day to practice a little bit. You’ll soon start seeing! Make sure to take it slow. Start by learning notes, how to read the music, how to hold or play the instrument comfortably. 

Tips on How To Learn an Instrument

Find a Good Medium to Learn From

Everyone learns in a different way. If you are not going the traditional route of finding a physical teacher, you need to find a medium that you can learn from. There are all sorts of different self teaching methods! You can buy a book, watch videos, talk to friends and family, or just start trying to play different cords. Of course, using some sort of medium to learn from will help you learn a lot faster. 

Find a Friend to Learn With

If you have friends that also want to learn an instrument it is a great way to keep each other accountable for practicing. It also helps for if you have questions. Learning with someone helps you stay interested in learning. You can also add in slight challenges for the both of you to complete. Having a competition can make it exciting! However, make sure not to take the competition too seriously because in the long run it’s all about learning.

Use Color Coding Stickers

On instruments that have keys that are able to have small color coding stickers it is a great idea to use different colors for different notes. Then, you can match the color with a note. Or, if you are teaching a young child you can put the different colors on the keys and tell them to play different colors so they can learn chords. We have tons of different color stickers. That means any color you want can be a note! If you like sparkles then you can have sparkly notes! 

Tips on How To Learn an Instrument
Tips on How To Learn an Instrument

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