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Using Star Stickers to Motivate Kids 

When a child is under your care, it is your responsibility to help encourage the child and provide them with proper motivation. This motivation can help them achieve goals and engage in beneficial behavior. Star stickers are an inexpensive tool you can use to help motivate your kids. 

The Basics of Motivation 

At its core, motivation is the “why” behind what people do. Your motivation drives you to achieve your goals and to push yourself. Some people can find motivation on their own, but often you need something to motivate you. Since children are young, providing them with motivation can give them the push they need. Motivation can be a reward at the end of an action or it can be something to encourage someone along a path. When it comes to motivating children, even something as small as a star sticker can go a long way. 

Reward Achievements 

Children have a lot of small goals they are working on and positive reinforcement can benefit them in many ways. Star stickers are a great way to reward both big and small achievements. For example, you can use star stickers to reward improvements in behaviors or achieving a goal they’ve been working on. Perhaps they’re learning how to read or to write their name. You can give them a star sticker when they’ve reached milestones along the way. With reading, for example, you can give them stars when they read a sentence on their own, a whole page on their own, or even a short book by themselves. You could even increase the number of star stickers you give them as they increase their level of difficulty. If you are a teacher, you can also use star stickers on tests or assignments that children have done well on. 

Offer Encouragement

Sometimes kids just need a little boost. As they are learning and growing, it’s easy to become discouraged. Something as small as a shiny star sticker can improve their mood and help them feel seen. You can give them a star sticker to wear on their shirt or to decorate some of their belongings. Their sticker can be something for them to be proud of and it can give them motivation to keep working on their goals. 

Reward Charts 

One of the most common uses of star stickers is on a reward chart. This chart can vary depending on your needs. For example, you can use it to track certain behaviors like going to bed on time, brushing their teeth, washing their hands after going to the bathroom, or any other behavior you want to encourage. In a classroom setting, you can use a reward chart to track students who listen attentively, participate in class, or help others with their work. Reward charts can even be used to track chores done around the house. With a reward chart, you place a star on the chart each time a certain action or behavior is performed. Once a child has a certain number of stars, they can receive a reward. This system gives the child something to work toward and it encourages them to perform good behaviors

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