Our Favorite Healthcare Labels

Barkley Labels

One of our favorite sets is the Barkley filing compatible labels pack. It comes with all of the letters used in the Barkley filing system. The Barkley filing system is a way for healthcare facilities, across the nation, to keep their files organized. That way, even if you are in a new doctor’s office, you can still find the files you need easily. These stickers are made of white plastic which allows them to be tear and water-resistant. The letters are printed twice across the label so they are visible from any direction. Staying organized is essential for healthcare professionals. These labels allow you to do so!

Medical Marijuana Labels

Medical Marijuana labels are essential for most doctor’s offices. We have warning labels about medical marijuana for every state where medical marijuana is legal. These warnings are necessary for the containers the marijuana is put in. They assure the patient and law enforcement that the marijuana they have is prescribed and necessary for their health. We also have stickers that depict the marijuana leaf and say 21+. This label helps people remember that marijuana is not for consumption by people under 21, and it could be dangerous for them to use it.

Security Labels

In 1982, 7 people were murdered from tampered with Tylenol. Since then, security measures have been put into place for medicines. Using tamper-evident labels can help keep your patients at ease when it comes to the medicine they use. Pharmacies can use these labels to keep everyone safe. When the cap of the bottle is opened, the tamper-evident labels break. People then know that someone has opened the bottle before them. Helping people realize they are safe is a vital job for health professionals. These labels show patients you are taking every precaution for their health, and that builds lifetime loyalty.

Black Blank Tamper Labels 0.5 ends (5/16 band) x 2.75" Barbell

Allergy Labels

allergic to labels

Allergy labels are extremely important as they keep other staff aware in the building that they need special care. You can place allergy labels on charts, food trays, or even on the patient. These labels use an adhesive that is strong, but safe on clothing. They remove from the fabric without leaving any residue. On the labels, you can mark what the patient is allergic to. Write on the labels with a pen or permanent marker. You don’t want to take any risks with a patient, especially if they are already in a weak state due to some other sickness or injury. These labels take all the guessing out of a patient’s treatment and stick out against all the other paperwork which is necessary when multiple doctors are treating the same person. If there is an emergency, you need to be able to find allergies swiftly and treat them accordingly.

Pharmacy Labels

These pharmacy labels are the perfect way to put extra information on pill bottles. We have all sorts of sayings like take at night or take with water. No matter how many times you tell someone the directions of how to take their medication, they will forget. It is a lot of pressure to be in a doctor’s office. Writing things down is one way to avoid that, but that takes time. Using labels like these is quick and keeps the patients in the know. The fluorescent coloring of these labels also sticks out against any background. Put these stickers directly on the medication bottles or on the patient’s paperwork and make sure they feel comfortable before they leave the office with what they need to do to safely take the medicine.

P.M. Medication Pharmacy Warning Labels .5" x 1.5"

Use By Dissolvable Labels

Dissolvable Use By Labels

Our use by dissolvable labels are the perfect way to tell patients when to use their medicines. They can be washed off the bottle so the bottle can be reused after. They are made out of cornstarch, and they dissolve in water. Place them in the dishwasher or wash them down the sink with no clogging problems. The ink is eco-friendly and water-based as well. Write on the labels with a pencil, pen, or permanent marker! No matter what, they will come in handy at a doctor’s office or pharmacy. Plus, all of the residue of the label is washed right off so there is nothing for bacteria to stick to! They are safe and healthy for any use.

Who We Are At InStockLabels.com

InStockLabels.com is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. If you are on a time crunch, these labels will work great as all orders purchased before 1 PM MST (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) ship out the same day. Then it only takes a few days for them to get to you (depending on how far you are).

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a sample of these labels to make sure they fit your needs. We also make custom labels if you can not find the perfect sticker for what you need.

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