Tamper-Evident Stickers

How You Can Use Tamper-Evident Stickers 

When selling or distributing products, you want to ensure you prioritize your customer’s safety and privacy. Using tamper-evident stickers is one way you can establish trust with your customers and protect them. These stickers will not prevent others from opening products, but they will alert your customers if products have been opened or tampered with. 

On Medication or Similar Products 

It is essential that medication and similar products remain sealed until they reach the customer. Medication is taken in order to address a variety of medical concerns and people need to know that what they’re taking is what they expect it to be. If someone else opens medication beforehand, it’s possible that they can tamper with it and add dangerous materials to it. When customers receive medication with a tamper-evident seal on it, they can trust that the medication has not been tampered with or altered in any way. They know it is safe for their consumption. 

On Sensitive Materials 

Sometimes you need to send sensitive information through the mail and you want to ensure it hasn’t been viewed by anyone aside from the intended recipient. Before you send any confidential or sensitive information, you can place a tamper-evident sticker over it. That way your recipient can be sure they’re the first to open it. Many tamper-evident stickers will be labeled “Tamper Resistant” or “Tamper Evident.” If people see these labels, they will be less likely to mess with any of your mail or other sensitive materials.

On Food Items 

You can use tamper-evident labels for a variety of food items. For some packages, it’s best to have these labels simply to inform the customers that the product hasn’t been opened by anyone else. This can ensure freshness and safety. Tamper-evident labels can also be used on food deliveries. These are also good if you’re sending your food via a third party. Once you package up the food, you can place a seal over the opening so customers know that no one else (including their driver) has touched it. 

On Packages 

When people order packages, they want to avoid having others open them. If someone else gets to their package, they can remove items or mess with anything in the package. Then customers don’t end up with what they expected. You can place a tamper-evident label on packages both to dissuade people from touching packages and to give some peace of mind to your customers. They can know that it has traveled safely from your facility to them. 

There are a variety of tamper-evident labels you can purchase. They come in different sizes, colors, shapes, etc. You can certainly find a label that is best suited for your products and your needs. Using these stickers will build trust with your customers and make them more confident in continuing business with you. 

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