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Goldfish Paper Plate

Sticker Goldfish Craft

How to Make a Sticker Goldfish

There are so many fun things to do with your child when it’s rainy outside, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with ideas on the spot! If you have kids whining about how bored they are, then this is the blog for you! Below we will show you one of our favorite crafts for kids that just can’t think of anything to do. It is a super simple craft! All you need is a paper plate, a googly eye, some orange paint, orange paper, an orange marker, and our pack of orange stickers. With these different items, you and your child can make a funny goldfish! This activity keeps kids off of screens and out of your hair! Plus it’s fun to hang these goldfish around the house when you’re done! If you make them with a whole bunch of people you can make a whole bedroom fish themed! Or, you can make these with a classroom full of kids. This craft is great to develop sensory and motor skills for young children, but it is also just a whole lot of fun for older children! Check out the below list to see the step-by-step process.

  1. Paint your plate orange (Or whatever color you want your fish to be)
  2. Cut a small triangle out of the plate with a slight curve. This cut out will be the mouth of your fish.
  3. Cut out four fins from a colored paper of your choice. Two should be rectangles with frills cut out of one of the short ends. One should be the shape of a Pac-Man with scalloped edges where the mouth of Pac-Man would be. The last should be a curved rectangle the long end frilled. Color lines on these fins with a colored marker of your choice.
  4. Place the googly eye on the paper plate. It should be placed a little above and to the left of the mouth that was previously cut out. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can always make the eye out of paper or draw it on with colored marker. We think the googly eyes just add a fun touch!
  5. Attach the fins to the top, back, and bottom of the plate to make the fish’s front fins, back fin, and tail. You can attach these with glue or clear tape!
  6. Finally, pick whatever color of stickers you want to do and place them on the paper plate, starting from the back fin to about an inch within the eye. See the picture below to understand better how the stickers should be placed. These stickers will make the scales of the fish!

Feel free to use whatever colors you want for the whole fish! Making the fish rainbows or sports team colors just makes the activity even more fun. Change it up! This fish is for you and the kids to enjoy a fun activity however you want to do it. You can even use this activity to teach the kids about fish and how they swim, breathe, eat, and live! Make it as educational or non-educational as you desire. This activity is perfect for school, home, camp, parties, and more!

Goldfish Paper Plate

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