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Cupcake and Colored Dots

Cupcakes and Colored Dots

Keep Everything Organized

Just imagine… you’re at a birthday party, the line is moving quickly and soon you’re next to choose a cupcake. Which one is which? Are the only options chocolate and vanilla? Is anyone else stressing about this as much as you? 

Or, picture this… You’re throwing a party for a child. You tell the kids to pick out a cupcake. Everyone does a mad dash to the cupcake table and its a free for all, hands and frosting flying everywhere. Eventually the kids settle down again and everyone takes a big bite of a cupcake. Their eyes go wide and they start to scream with both the frosting and cake on clear display in their open mouths. “I WANTED CHOCOLATEEEE”. 

Cupcake and Colored Dots

Throwing parties, organizing, or finding exactly what you want can be really hard at big events. However, there is a solution! One of our favorite uses for our colored dot stickers is to mark different cupcake flavors so it is easier for people to see what flavor is which. Create a key on a piece of paper and label each color with a different flavor that you have. Say have yellow for vanilla, brown for chocolate, and green for confetti. There are tons of different colors so no matter how many flavors there are you will have a different color for it! Place each of the dot sticks on the side of the cupcake so people can clearly see the different flavors without having to touch all of the cupcakes or pick blindly.

Using these labels to show which flavor is which is only the beginning. Another fantastic use for these labels is marking if there are nuts in the dish. Putting a red dot on a brownie container can indicate that those with nut allergies should steer clear. You can put all of these different uses for the stickers on the key and hang the key above the table of snacks. Everyone can check out the key before they pick out the flavor or type of dessert. This method can help keep people safe. However, if using this with young children we advise that you still keep a look out for the children that have nut-allergies.  

When the party is over and you still have colored dot stickers to use, don’t despair! There are tons of other uses for these dot stickers. In fact, they are great for any sort of organizing you need to do. We recommend buying the multi color pack. You can use whatever you need for the party, and still have tons of different colors left over to organize your cabinets, books, or even kids rooms! If you want some extra ideas for how to use stickers with your kids be sure to check out our other blog post “Organize and Enjoy All Summer Long!

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