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Everything You Should Know About Security Labels

At your business, it’s important to have a variety of labels and stickers on hand. Each label serves a different purpose and can improve the operations of your business. Security labels are just one type of label you should include.

What Are Security Labels?

Security labels include a couple of stickers, but the most common are tamper-evident or tamper-evident labels. These labels are usually placed over the openings of products and if they are torn, it indicates to the customer that someone else has opened the product before they have. Security labels generally exist to indicate to the customers that they are the first to open or use something. These labels can also indicate the freshness of a product. Security labels can even be used to alert customers to certain ingredients or substances that are contained in a product. 

Reasons to Use Them 

The number one reason to use security labels is to establish trust with your customers and help them feel more confident in the products they receive from you. When you make the effort to include these labels, it lets your customers know that you want to communicate that the products you provide them with are safe, fresh, and untouched by others. These labels can even save lives. For example, tamper evident labels are placed on medications. If these labels are tampered with, it can indicate that someone has changed the medication or added something dangerous to it. By selecting medicine with an unbroken label, customers know they are consuming exactly what they are expecting. 

Examples of Security Labels 

Again, tamper evident labels are a very common type of security label. You can purchase them in a variety of sizes and colors in order to meet your needs. Some will say “Tamper Resistant” or “Tamper Evident” on them. Others can function as a long strip placed over an opening of a product. Another kind of security label you can use is a “Clean and Sanitized” label. These types of labels might be used in hotel rooms to let guests know no one has entered the room since it was cleaned. You could also use these labels on other products that should be cleaned before someone else uses them. Lastly, you can purchase labels that point out certain ingredients. For example, there are labels that let people know if a product contains marijuana and that it should be kept away from children and animals.

Finding the Right Labels 

When selecting the labels you will purchase, you should first consider the goal of your labels. Will it wrap around a product? Is it holding a lid in place? Is it just being placed over the opening of a package? Next, you should consider the function of the seal. There are tamper-evident stickers that are perforated so they tear easily when the customer opens the product. This is a good option for mail or even food deliveries. They can open the product and then throw the packaging away. If the customers will be keeping the packaging, such as medication or a beauty product, then you can use clear tamper-resistant labels that won’t leave any residue once they’re removed. 

Security labels are an important part of protecting the safety of your customers and inspiring their confidence in your business. Take stock of your products and services and see where you can use security labels. There are plenty of options you can choose from.

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