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Why Use Tamper-Evident Labels?


Tamper-Resistant/Tamper-Evident Labels Save Lives… What Are They?

Tamper-resistant labels are stickers that alert customers that someone opened a product before them. They do not prevent it from being opened but quickly tell the customer that the product may have been victim to tampering. The customer can then take steps to contact the company, or will know not to buy that specific product, and choose a different one from the store.

There are multiple types of tamper-resistant labels that help keep people safe. This article will explain why tamper-resistant stickers are vital, what you should use them on, what the different kinds of stickers are, which ones are perfect for you, and where you can find them. 

Why Should You Use Tamper-Resistant Labels?

In 1983 the United States Congress passed the anti-tampering bill, also known as the Tylenol Bill. The bill passed unanimously 292 to 0. Maybe that is because when voting, the only thing they could think about was 12-year-old Mary Kellerman. Mary Kellerman, along with six other victims, would never grow old; due to the cyanide-Tylenol murders in 1982.


All seven victims of the cyanide-Tylenol murders died from cyanide laced in Tylenol. What started as a headache or sore throat turned into a dark day for these victims and their families. Furthermore, it was a dark day for the United States. The makers of the Tylenol? Johnson and Johnson.

Johnson and Johnson is still a huge company. How did they push past the shadow that these murders put on their brand? They adapted. Once figuring out the cyanide was laced into the Tylenol after leaving the production site and entering the stores, Johnson and Johnson came up with the tamper-evident labels that you see on all-over-the-counter medicine today. 

These labels were revolutionary and helped Johnson and Johnson recoup the losses that the murders brought upon the company. But of course, it was not about the money. These tamper-evident labels brought back peace of mind to the United States. And while the perpetrator of the cyanide-Tylenol murders never was found, nothing like it would ever happen again. Tamper-evident seals quite literally save lives.

What Should You Use Tamper-Evident labels On?

Now, hundreds of thousands of companies use tamper-evident seals for their products. Whether these seals protect medicine like Johnson and Johnson or products like laundry detergent, lip balm, gum, etc., they keep people safe and build trust in your company. Tamper-evident labels inspire confidence in customers that are buying your products.


While these seals are great for protecting products, they also work well when sending sensitive information through the mail. Use tamper-evident seals – so the information is secured. If the receiver notices the information has been interfered with and the seal disrupted, they can then take steps to ensure minimal damage. Knowing is better than never knowing and being unable to handle the situation quickly.

However, you do not always have to use tamper-evident seals so seriously! One of our favorite suggestions is using these seals to wrap presents for children with wandering eyes. With tape, they could easily peel it off and look inside. With tamper-evident stickers, you would always know when they peeked! Plus, when it is time for them to open the present, the perforation makes it simple for them to rip through.

What Are The Benefits For You and Your Customer?

When building a brand, consumer confidence is the key. With tamper-evident labels, consumers can feel safe purchasing from your business. An NPR study stated that 30% of delivery drivers reported eating from the food they are delivering. On a scale of 1 (this being acceptable) to 10 (this being unacceptable), the survey scored an 8.4 from consumers. 

Of course, it is not okay if people are eating your food! Number one, you paid for it. Number two, it is icky! It is especially unsanitary in this day and age. The number one suggestion for food delivery companies that they got from doing this survey was to use tamper-evident labels.

That way, if there is tampering, the customer can get a full refund, and the driver can be deactivated. If they are not willing to do their job correctly and hygienically, they should not have that job. With tamper-evident seals, all your customers can have confidence in the take-out food they are about to enjoy.

No matter what your business is, you can benefit from tamper evidence. Oftentimes when shopping, people choose a product that does not have a tamper-evident seal, pick it from the very back of the shelf. People should not have to reach towards the back to find unopened products. However, if the store does not have a tester; then, opening non-tester products to smell or try on is the norm.

Sometimes people will even use the non-tester item and then put it back on the shelf and grab a different one to take home. No one wants used lip balm or deodorant or anything for that matter. These tamper-evident lables can save you money from having to throw out non-tester products that people used as testers and will give your customers peace of mind so they no longer have to reach to the back of the shelf.

Which Tamper-Evident Label Is Perfect For You?


There are tons of different types of tamper-evident labels. Some labels have perforations, and will rip and leave tamper proof sticker residue when removed.   We recommend using this label for mail or packages, as people throw the packaging anyway. This option would also work well for food delivery boxes. 

The second tamper-evident label is also perforated. However, when removed, they do not leave a residue. They still warn customers that the product may have been subject to tampering, but with these labels, it is the lack of tamper-evident stickers that alerts the consumer.

For products that the consumer will keep the outer packaging, we recommend using a clear tamper-evident label. With this option, customers will know if someone else opened the product before buying (based on if it still has a sticker) – but the label will not leave marks all over the product when they open it.

Both options will secure that you will not have to worry about products being tampered with before they get into the consumers’ hands. In other words, you will never have to worry about what Johnson and Johnson had to worry about in the 80s. You can save lives.

How We Can (And Want To) Help!

Here at instocklabels.com, there are plenty of different options for you to protect your products and customers. Check out our product videos to see how these labels work. We strive to get you the labels you need to run your business and/or life efficiently. If there is anything we can do to help, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

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