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The stock you use is the deciding factor for how well your stickers will work for you. At we have eight different types of stock for you to choose from. Below is the information for each stock so you can figure out which one works best for you!


Kraft is the classic comfort material. It is brown and has a papery feel to it. You can write on Kraft with a pencil, pen, or permanent marker. Keep Kraft away from water as it can easily get ruined even just from a drop. Use Kraft on things that won’t be anywhere near a sink, like presents or clothing size tags. Kraft is very durable in extreme temperatures. The working temperature range is -65 to 180 F. We always suggest you place the label on a product at room temperature to make sure it is stuck on well, then do as you please! Even with the permanent adhesive, this stock is apparel safe. That means you can use it on clothing without worrying if it will leave sticky messes. Overall, this is a beautiful stock to use whenever you want to make your brand or house look classy.

Fluorescent Paper:

Fluorescent paper is an extremely bright highlighter colored paper to use on anything you want to stand out. A lot of allergies and medical labels are fluorescent to make sure they are visible no matter where they are placed. These labels also have a papery feel to them and can be written on with a pencil, pen, and permanent marker. That makes them completely customizable, especially if you just get the fluorescent dot stickers. Then you can fill them in with whatever design you choose. The working temperature range is -65 to 180 F. Once again, they are extremely durable in different temperatures. However, always place the label on the product at room temperate to ensure maximum hold. These labels also work well on clothing as they are apparel safe and remove without leaving behind any residue. We recommend this stock for warehouses, doctor’s offices, grocery stores, and more! There are so many good ways to put fluorescent paper to use.

Writable Matte:

Writable Matte paper is the perfect stock to use when you want to write messages on the sticker. Write on it with a pencil, pen, or permanent marker. This sticker also has a papery feel. These stickers are some of the best to customize because you can write on them with anything, and they have a blank white background. You can also get some labels that already have information printed on them, which makes it easier for you to just fill out necessary lines. That makes these labels great for objects that need to be marked off. Inventory is one use that we recommend. Once again, these labels are apparel safe and allow for removal from clothing without leaving residue. While you should always apply the labels at room temperature for maximum hold, they work in -65 to 180 F temperatures. Use these labels whenever you need a label that is easy to write on.

Sealed For Freshness and Safety Labels


Quality Sealed Food Delivery Labels | Black and White

Semi-gloss is our most popular stock. It is similar to the writable matte, but instead of being matte, it is glossy. These labels are perfect for use on almost everything. Pretty much all of our labels come with a semi-gloss option. The working temperature range is -65 to 180 F. Always place the labels when it is at room temperature. With semi-gloss, the best writing utensil to use is a permanent marker. Make sure to let them dry before using them as well, so it doesn’t smudge the ink. Use different colors of permanent markers to get fun with them! They come off clothing without leaving a sticky residue behind and are overall the most all-purpose stock we have. While it may not be as classy as the Kraft paper, it still has its uses in decorating as well! We have a bunch of other articles to show ways that our customers have used the semi-gloss stock to make art and more. They are certainly universal in uses.

Metallic Plastic:

The metallic plastic is a perfect stock for parties and celebrating. It is a durable stock because of the plastic material, which makes it strong enough to be tear and water-resistant, but still lightweight. The metallic color makes it beautiful against any background. It is also a perfect sticker for kids because it is so strong. Kids can play as rough as they want, and the sticker will stay immaculate on their shirts or clothing. Then, when the day is done, the sticker removes without leaving any adhesive. However, don’t forget to take them off before the clothes go into the laundry! This stock also works in extreme temperatures. Overall, this stock is one of our more durable but is less customizable. Use it to decorate, to use with kids, and to use to add some sparkle no matter where it is placed!

Tester/Try Me Stickers | Gold Metallic Plastic 3/4" Round


The removable stock is great for products that can’t get wet but need to have the labels changed often. We suggest using them for inventory or on products to say their price so the consumer can take them off later. The minimum application temperature is 45 F. These labels are much less durable in extreme temperatures due to their removable adhesive. We suggest using them on plastic, metal, glass, or flat cardboard for the best stick. They are much more for products than they are for wearing or long-term use. There are multiple colors you can choose from to fit your needs. You can also write on these with a permanent marker and customize them to make them work perfectly for you.


Clear plastic is one of our most durable stickers. They are clear – so there are so many different uses for them. Use them as clothing size strips to allow the customer to see the color of the item under it, use them for security seals to make sure your mail stays looks flawless but protected, or use them to make funny faces and wear them around town on your shirt! Write on them with a permanent marker to customize them. They are both water and tear-resistant. They come off of clothing without leaving any sticky residue, and they stick well to almost every material. They have a wide range of temperatures and can be frozen without falling off. Because the material is so strong, you can use these labels in multiple circumstances. We often even use them as tape around the office!


2 x 2" Universal Food Rotation Dissolvable Labels

Dissolvable is our coolest stock. They are perfect for food prep. They have a papery feel to them and can be written on with a pencil, pen, and permanent marker. The coolest part about this stock is it can dissolve straight off your product. If you use them on cambros or dishes, you can place them under warm water and slightly rub them to watch them disappear before your eyes. They can even go in the dishwasher. The stock is made of cornstarch that won’t clog up the drain. They leave nothing on the area – so there is nothing for bacteria to stick to. No adhesive left behind! These labels are durable even in the freezer. Make sure to stick them on at room temperate, however – so they have the maximum stick. We have tons of different types of dissolvable stickers that make it perfect for knowing who did the food preparation and when. You can find all sorts of different uses as well!

Let us know if you need any help finding the perfect stock for you.

Who We Are At is based in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. If you are on a time crunch, these labels will work great as all orders purchased before 1 PM MST (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) ship out the same day. Then it only takes a few days for them to get to you (depending on how far you are).

Contact us if you have any questions or would like a sample of these labels to make sure they fit your needs. We also make custom labels if you can not find the perfect sticker for what you need.

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