Removable Versus Permanent Adhesive

The Perfect Adhesive for You: Removable or Permanent?

Gone are the days where a label is just a label, and you get what you get (and good riddance)! With today’s technologies, stickers can change to fit your exact needs. With new possibilities, however, comes new questions. We are here to help you figure out what sticker is perfect for you. That starts with what kind of adhesive you want!

Here at, we have multiple adhesive options, and our two most popular are a removable adhesive and a permanent adhesive. Below we will explain the difference, give examples of use, and help you find the perfect label.



A removable label is a label that can be removed and readjusted multiple times. The adhesive is strong but does not leave a residue when removed from surfaces. This adhesive sticks to most surfaces, but the flatter, the better. You can still apply these labels to rougher surfaces, which will allow for easier removal, but a less secure bond. These labels do best when not in contact with moisture or extreme temperatures. When applying the label, be sure to apply pressure to the entire label – so all of the sticker’s adhesive comes into contact with the surface you are sticking to.

The longer the removable adhesive is stuck, the more it begins to act like a permanent adhesive. These types of labels work best when used on short-term projects. That way, when removed, they will be easy to peel off and will not leave a sticky residue. For the most part, these labels can be re-stuck. These labels are also apparel safe.

There are tons of fun ways to use these labels. We have a bunch of removable dot stickers. If you are looking for activities for your toddlers, these sheets are perfect! Check out Dot Sticker Activities by Angela Thayer, and these labels will have your kids jumping for joy. You can also use these stickers to decorate walls at home. Put up a whole design and when you want a change, simply remove the stickers and reorder them.

There are a bunch of practical uses for labels with a removable adhesive as well. One of our favorite ways to use these labels is for the organization of different rooms and products. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, storage unit, basement, and anywhere else! Label everything! And have confidence that when you want to change things up, you can easily remove the sticker. Write on these labels with a pen or permanent marker.

Quick Uses:

  • Retail Shops
  • Storage
  • Warehouse
  • Art
  • Children’s Activities
  • Packages/ Mail
  • Medical Offices

Permanent Adhesive:

A permanent adhesive label is much harder to remove from the surface after it is placed. When removed, it could leave a residue or rip. Do not use these labels on surfaces that you will later want the sticker removed from. This adhesive is designed for one-time uses. These labels will bond well to most surfaces and are remarkably durable even in extreme temperatures. Even though they stay stuck in extreme temperatures, they work best when applied at room temperature. Our most popular stock is semi-gloss. After applying, feel free to use these labels in temperatures from -10 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Almost all of the stickers we carry use a permanent adhesive. While it is permanent, it is still removable from clothing without leaving a residue. Overall, this adhesive is more durable than the removable adhesive but will leave a mark when taken off surfaces other than apparel.

There are a bunch of different ways to use this adhesive. They are great for use in warehouses and medical offices. They also work well for scrapbooking! Even after years of flipping through the pages, these labels will stay stuck. That being said, the permanent adhesive can become corroded. If they are in contact with moisture, they may come off, leaving behind a sticky residue. These labels are not waterproof.

Use these stickers for permanent wall art or art for children. Get your creative juices flowing with these labels! Check out Courtney Constable’s article on fun ways to show off your personality using stickers! There are also plenty of places to find sticker-by-number art papers that you can print out at home and use. You would definitely want permanent adhesive for that kind of project – so the stickers do not come off, and your art stays put together! This adhesive is fantastic for all sorts of projects and will bring out the creative side in both you and your children! These are a great way to get them off of electronics and interested in something new.

Lastly, these labels are perfect for tamper-evident security. When removed, they will clearly show tampering with the package or product if something happened to it before it got to its destination. This label will offer extra security and trust in the product, which goes a long way with customers. Use these labels for take-out and delivery, as well, to assure customers that no one has touched the food they ordered. For more information on our tamper-evident labels, be sure to check out our article!

Quick Uses:

  • Packing Slips
  • Scrapbooking
  • Warehouse
  • Art
  • Medical Offices
  • Organization
  • Retail Shops
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Storage
  • Tamper-Evidence


Both types of adhesive require pressure to apply and keep a strong bond on the surface. When using them, make sure to push on all parts of the sticker for a stronger bond. The more adhesive that is touching the surface, the better they will stick. Also, be sure that the surface you are putting the label on is dry and room temperature for best results.

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