Covid-19 Safety

Protect Your Business & Customers

We have Covid-19 safety labels, in stock and ready to ship.  We make them right here in the U.S.A. 

Low Tack Decals: 

These decals are weather resistant flexible plastic that have a removable/re-adjustable adhesive on the back.  They are made to warn customers and employees of Covid safety protocols such as “wear a mask”, “Use Hand Sanitizer” and “Temp Check”.  The warning signs can be placed on windows and doors. 

Floor Decals:

Used to warn customers of social distancing, these floor decals are sturdy, made of a weather resistant vinyl and strong adhesive backing.  They come in 6″ inch and 12″ inch and can be placed indoors or outdoors.  

Cleaned and Sanitized:

These labels provide assurance that the room or area has been cleaned and sanitized based on CDC guidelines.  Many of the ones we have below come with safety slits, which tear when tampered with. 


Let others know you received the vaccine by wearing a “I got my Covid-19 Vaccine” sticker.  We have three designs to choose from.  They are 1.5″ inches round and have 500 labels per roll. 

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Covid-19 Safety