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All of our veterinary labels are made in the USA, within our facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer same-day ship Monday-Friday if your order is placed before 1 PM MST. Quantity discounts are offered automatically at checkout with no code needed. Be sure to follow our social media postings to be up to date on the different promotions we offer. Questions? Email us!

Veterinary Labels

Pets are huge parts of families and making sure they are treated correctly is vital when it comes to annual checkups or emergency visits. Our veterinary stickers help save the lives of these beloved pets. They grant the vet quick access to large amounts of information. Place our bright stickers on pet files, folders, or carriers. No matter where the stickers are placed, they will be visible with our colorful eco-friendly inks and bold lettering. Now, when a pet comes in, you can quickly glance at their file and have any information you might need. 

Stick Them Anywhere

Most of these veterinary labels come with a permanent adhesive that stays stuck even in extreme temperatures. They stick to most surfaces, and many are even small enough to fit on the tabs of manila folders. You can even mail these stickers with confidence, knowing that when they arrive, they will be stuck just like when you sent them. 

Often when leaving the vet, owners are given a large amount of information. Placing stickers like ours onto paperwork that they can bring home ensures the safety of the pet and the other humans in the household. With stickers, no one has to worry about reading anyone's handwriting and it saves time from having to handwrite out all the notes about the pet's care.

How We Can (And Want To) Help

We have labels for anything you might need in the veterinary field, including labels for payment, medication, instructions, organization, safety, and more. We also create custom labels if you are looking for something original. We want to help you stay organized because staying organized saves lives. 

If you have a specific label in mind, be sure to look for it! We have 1000s of designs to choose from here at InStockLabels.com. Still not satisfied? Check out our custom labels.